Omelian Scholarship Fund

OSF - Omelian Scholarship Fund

Mission Statement - “To assist high school graduates from St. Luke’s UOC to obtain a higher degree of education thereby enhancing their own talents and becoming a more valuable member of the church.”

General Guidelines

Scholarships will be awarded each year to high school graduates from St.

Luke’s UOC and will be based on the pool of applicants. The number of

recipients is up to the discretion of the board members every year. Recipients

are announced at the end of June.


● Overall GPA of 3.0 (B or 83) while in high school.

● Acceptance to a post-secondary full-time program. Applicants must apply for the

OSF scholarship within one year of their high school graduation.

● Applicant family needs to be active full members of the parish for 2 years prior

to applying and must maintain continued membership.


● 4-year college - $5000 total ($1,250 each year)

● 2-year college - $2500 total ($1,250 each year)

● Trade/Vocational school - $1,250 per year

Maximum Scholarship Award is $5,000 per candidate in all categories


● Applications will become available by March 15th on the church website

https://www.stlukesuoc.org/osf. Hardcopies will also be available at church.

● Completed applications are due by May 15th emailed to

omelianscholarshipfund@gmail.com or submitted in person to Co-Chairperson-Fr.

Mykola Andrushkiv.

● Interviews may be required on committee discretion.


In order to maintain this scholarship yearly, recipients are responsible for the


● Maintain full-time student status.

(A copy of a schedule or transcript must be sent to omelianscholarshipfund@gmail.com

at the beginning of each school year)

● Maintain a 3.0 GPA (B or 83) for the cumulative year.

(Grade reports must be sent to omelianscholarshipfund@gmail.com at the end of each school year.)

OSF Application form.pdf

St. Luke's Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Syracuse, NY

3290 Warners Road

Warners, NY 13164