Everything we do, is thanks to you!!!

St. Luke's UOC is beautiful because of all of our volunteers that span multiple generations.  However, we need your continued support for our future.  Every little bit helps support new initiatives or just keeps things in working order.  Please take the time to help by donating and volunteering as we continue our spiritual journey together. 


We are constantly looking at new opportunities in  making our Church, Hall, Rectory, and entire property better and more beautiful.   In addition, we have normal operating expenses, wear and tear, maintenance, and upkeep we need to continuously work on.  Granted, we are all volunteers.  However, there are many expenses we cannot avoid.  Any generous donation is greatly appreciated!!!  Thank you for your continues support!!! God Bless!!!

Love St. Luke's - General Donations

Maybe you visited St. Luke's UOC and fell in love with our gold domes, or saw an icon you liked?  Maybe you grew up at St. Luke's, but live far away?  Maybe your grandparents attended liturgy here?   Maybe you like our food or baked goods?  Maybe you just want to help? 

A donation will go to the general beautification and maintenance of St. Luke's UOC.

My Offerings

It is a long standing tradition for the regular collection basket to be passed around for your offering to the Church.  As a convenience, we can do it all virtually and online.  Please help keep this tradition going.  Thank you for continued support!!! God Bless!!!


A membership to St. Luke's UOC is vital in growing a sense of community among our members.  Many generations have not only established St. Luke's UOC, but have been instrumental in it's growth.  The future will continue with all of our support and dedication.

St. Luke's Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Syracuse, NY

3290 Warners Road

Warners, NY 13164