About Us

About Us

St. Luke’s Ukrainian Orthodox Parish was founded in Syracuse by the new wave of Ukrainian Orthodox immigrants under the guidance of Fr. Simeon Hayuk in 1950. Initially churches of various faiths were rented, but before long the parish family bought a wooden structure at 201 N. Lowell Ave. in Syracuse, and this became their Holy Sanctuary. With the appointment of Fr. Pawlo Szpiruk in 1968, the parish grew, as did the need for building a new church complex. Land was purchased in 1973. In 1979 the cemetery was established and construction of the church hall was initiated with completion in 1980. The church was built to accommodate about 150 faithful and was blessed on November 3, 1985 by His Eminence Metropolitan Mstyslaw. The rectory was built in 1986. There have been numerous financial obligations encountered over our history, but with the commitment of St. Olha’s Sisterhood, parish leaders, parishioners and youth our church has been adorned with a new Iconostas, dedicated a memorial to the victims of the Artificial Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine. The church we have is God’s gift to us, and what we give to it in the future is our gift to God.

St. Luke's Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Syracuse, NY

3290 Warners Road

Warners, NY 13164